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What we do

Process Automation
Process Automation Projects

Optimized & future proof automation solution for all process control systems. Our designs are targeted towards achieving 100% un-manned operation.

Oil & Gas | Water-treatment | Bio-fuels | Hydrogen | Hydro power | Cement | Mining

System Integration
System Integration & Interface

3rd party & external system integration with main control system. We handle all aspect of the integration including, concept design, communication & logic programming, HMI, cyber-security, remote-access, Testing & commissioning.

Smart device integration
Smart device integration

Smart device/instrument integration for improved diagnostics, predictive alerts, reliability, safety, data-analytics.

Profinet - Profibus (PA/DP) | EtherNet/IP | EtherCAT | IO-Link | Modbus | HART | NAMUR | MQTT | LoRaWAN | 2.4G WiFi | Wireless HART | OPC-UA

Industrial IoT (IIoT)
IIoT/Data analytics/Cloud compute

From developing a scalable IIoT solution for existing infrastructure to designing a completely new future proof concept

A combination of both Edge & Cloud compute technologies achieves maximum optimization

Audit, Verification & Validation

Reviewing, auditing and verification/validation for projects automation, cyber-security, process control & technical safety.

Power grid communication

Fast track data communication implementation between power generation process plants, substations & grid control centers

IEC 60870-5-101/104 | DNP3 | IEC 61850

ICONICS ( System Integrator )

ICONICS provides automation software solutions that visualize, historize, analyze, and mobilize real-time information for any application on any device.

ICONICS software solutions include advanced visualization and control; rapid archiving and retrieval; in-depth data analysis; data mobility; IIoT/cloud integration and more.

GENESIS64 | IoTWorX | AnalytiX

Functionsl/Technical Safety

Determine if your process plant need’s to implement safety instrumented functions to reduce unaccepted risks. We do complete qualitative & quantitative studies in accordance with IEC 61511 to determine required safety integrity level (SIL).

Engage us during any of these phases of the safety life-cycle

  • Hazard & risk assessment
  • Allocation of safety functions to protection layers
  • Management of overall functional safety program
  • Safety requirement specification (SRS)
  • Safety analysis report (SAR)
  • Design & engineering of safety instrumented systems
  • Verification of all stages of safety lifecycle
Software Libraries

Speed-up your PLC/DCS based projects without any aditional development costs with our ready to use process control & device control libraries. The libraries handle both control logic and graphical user interface.

Our tested C/C++, C# & Python based applications for edge & cloud devices makes IIoT & Data analytics implementation extreamly cost & time efficient.

OTee ( System Integrator )

OTee offers an industrial-grade engineering platform for designing, deploying, and managing virtual control systems based on open architecture and open standards for real-time control.

It provides an environment-based infrastructure to deploy on-demand services, such as virtual PLCs or data exposure services, a digital twin setup, where you can simulate and test your ideas and code before deploying on-premise, and it features role-based access control and customizable CI/CD pipelines, where you can collaborate, automatically test, and perform quality assurance to ensure your code is efficient, correct, and fast.

Euto Energy (Distributor & Integrator)

Remote I/O modules and Gateways with integrated IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870, Modbus, EtherCAT, MQTT connectivity.

TEKY is exclusive distributor of Euto Energy hardware product line within Norway & Sweden. These innovative devices are specifically designed to monitor and control energy grid components such as instrument transformers, switchgears, Digital protection relays, generators etc.


Automation systems

We deliver systems based on all major automation & instrument OEM's. This gives you a cost-effective solution and the ability to use the right mix of technology for your specific needs
ABB | Siemens | Schneider | Wago | ifm | Rockwell Automation

Industrial Products

TEKY has partnered with Valmark (UAE) to exclusively deliver full range of Industrial Valves, Pipes, Modular process skids in the Nordic region.
Teky Industrial Products


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